Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Today is Poila Baisakh, which is the beginning of a New Year for Bengalis. For me, it is the beginning of a new blog. Not an all-in-one mommyblog like my other one, but one with a more specific purpose, to catch and share memories of growing-up. I grew up in Bengal, India, during the 1970s -80s. Memory shifts and slips away so fast; I am trying to use the net to catch these fleeting memories and pin them down to a post.
So, please share your memories of growing up (wherever, whenever) and let us build together a house full of the warm past. If you grew up in the same time or space, we'll recapture a zeitgeist; if not, we'll construct a bildungsroman anyway.

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SUKKU said...

It's a novel idea and it's nice to capture our memories on blog as I visit my older blogs sometimes to see how things had shaped up. Because I have this tendency to blog what I read based on my moods and I have noticed how perspective changes over a period of time.

Take care.