Saturday, September 6, 2008


Looking back at the past
Is like shaking the coloured fragments
Of a kaleidoscope
Jewel-bright mirrored-myselves
Looking back at me.

The yellow toy-duck-on-wheels
Towing her brood of three
Waddle past my grubby infant-hands
Splash with me in my crayon-blue tub
My teether-tether orange-beaked soother.

The dark green water-hyacinth
With their delicate mauve blooms
Part – and I can see
My eight-year face rippling
In the paler green pond waters.

The sour-dark brown of tamarind
Sprinkled sharp with red chilli
Enjoyed sprawled on dappled fields
Under the benign-blue winter skies
Taste and tint rolled into a ball.

Then, the crimson-confusion of growing up
The secret pride of the red rite of passage
The even more secret ebony-agony of my skin
Wondering why “fair rules” and “dark rues”
Teenage bravado wiped away the pain.

Oh! I could paint on and on and on
Myriad-shaded memories
They swirl and shimmer and shift
And, as I refocus my eyes
To the sharper-outlined today
Fade and blur into sepia.

(This on-the-spur post was painted for display on the canvas on Scribbit’s September Write-in Contest).


Aleta said...

Oh My! This was a colorful and emotional poem. Well done!

ugich konitari said...

Sucharita, Kudos ! Loved the poem with those nostalagic and colorful sightings , as though through "jharokas". Regardless of age, isnt it amazing that so many of us associate the same colors with the similar stages in life .....?

Scribbit said...

One of the things my parents have commented about India is the beautiful colors everywhere. I noticed you wrote this for the contest, should I consider this an entry? :)

Sucharita Sarkar said...

@ aleta and UK,
Thanks for the praise!

@ scribbit,

yes, this is an entry for the contest. I'll send an email submission ASAP, only my comp's not in the pink of health!

Koel said...

thats really touching.......we all associate so many symbols to our childhood....colour and smells being the foremost....

Anonymous said...

Memories are forever like Diamonds.

sukku said...

Well said....and colorful indeed

Lazyani said...

Bravo. I could actually see and feel the colours erupting.

Sayani said...

great ....this is call creative mind with thoughtful ideas....
gr8 ...i simply loved the way you described them so perfectly in colors

Gabrielle said...

beautiful and fun! :-)

jubilee said...

Isn't it amazing how color is so emotional?

Sucharita Sarkar said...

Thanks for the colourful compliments, everybody.

arpita said...

visiting your blog after a month or more..... and its as if lots of goodies have been kept for me!! Your poem is lovely and touching and is such a close reflection of my then actions and thoughts(as it is of many others , a fact so aptly pointed out by ugich konitari)that I feel overwhelmed.
Kudos and more to you!