Saturday, October 25, 2008


Every little girl has a Cinderella dress. Something which transforms her into the prettiest princess that ever lived, at least in her own mirror.

The other day, the copy-kitten (my younger daughter) went to a Diwali party at her playschool wearing a white satin-and-chiffon full-skirted dress with silver-and-yellow flowers scattered all over the bodice and skirt. She twirled and pirouetted, as enchanting a little Cinderella as her elder sister, the Lil Cat, to whom the dress had originally belonged (It is actually a gift from a favourite cousin, Didia, who picks up the most delicious dresses from Dubai each time she visits us).

I remembered my own infinitely-humbler-but-equally-cherished Cinderella dress. The material was a coarse khadi (handspun) silk from the local Khadi Gramudyog Bhavan, patterned in beige with maroon roses. There were no thorns, as befitted a princess’s party-attire. It was stitched with a plain round neck, a skirt which swirled a little when I spun around, and a sash which needed Ma to tie it behind my back. And when I wore it, I left all the thorns of awkwardness and shyness behind and could hold my head high and match steps confidently with my other friends and cousins, clad as they were in their soft-and-satiny boutique-bought expensive dresses.

I had only one, my precious Cinderella-dress, but that dress transformed me whenever I wore it. That’s the magic of a Cinderella-dress.



Aleta said...

I remember it and my parents still have pictures of me wearing it. It was a white dress with tiny red rose bud printed throughout the bottom of the dress. There was a petticoat under the dress, so it was fluffy without having to twirl around. AND... this is the best part.... there were tiny little bells on the inside of the skirt, so when I moved or walked, I'd hear bells. I'd move, just to hear those lovely sounds!

Krupa said...

I certainly do! I had a hand me down faded pink dress.. I was four and had just had a baby brother. But my that dress! Every time i wore the dress i would swirl around ,sing dance and just feel like "the fairest of all maidens" Needless to say my parents always got the camera out every time i wore it

Jaquanda Rae said...

I was in love with a few dresses. But I remember my graduation dress from basic school (kindergarten)to Grade 1. It was simple enough - white, layered skirt. When I first wore it it was a little below my knee. I think I loved it not only because I liked how it looked but because it meant that I was becoming a big girl. By the time I stopped wearing it, the hem was barely below my thigh, lol.

Pinku said...

my cindrella dress would be a simple white frock with black polka was made in the style of summer dresses of the English.

It made my day everytime I wore it.

Sucharita Sarkar said...

Thanks, everybody, for dressing up this memory-blog.