Thursday, December 31, 2009


When we were young, New Years were not ushered in with booze and babes, but in a more holistic, whole-family-glued-to-TVset kind of way. It really was a ushering IN, because we received
  • capsules of INformation in Prannoy Roy's intelligently-edited and interestingly-compered year-end international and national news round-up: THE WORLD THIS YEAR. The highlight was a hilarious goof-up section of the high and the mighty.
  • a seemingly endless programme of completely INane entertainment put together on DD 1 (shabbier version) and DD Metro (flashier version). A parade of minor non-stars in spangly dresses and loud voices, a completely-unfunny-comedian-compere who could not make anybody laugh at that late yawning-hour.

We INevitably dozed off in front of the blaring TV set, only to have our INterest revived at 23:59:59 Hrs when there were really big bangs from the TV set. Rubbing our bleary eyes, we goofily grinned at each other as crackers burst and smoke billowed on the screen (and off it, too, somewhere far away from our timid small-town neighbourhood) and everybody singing off-key at the top of their voices...



Anonymous said...

And Vinod Dua.
And yes, we watch clock And date to change. Being a child always is the best always.

Lazyani said...

These days there are so much of frenzied activity, but I do miss those old fashioned inane programmes.

The world this week was a much looked forward too event.

Good Memories Sucharita. Wish you a very happy 2010.

Swaram said...

Ha ha .. superb memories .. just hw it used be @ home :)

Wish u all a very happy new yr too :)

Kavi said...

'booze and babes' ! Really !?!! :)

The only continuity being bike laden loud mouths ! Shouting out ' happy new year' in all revelry ! :)

a very happy new year to you !!!!

Rajesh said...

Very true, that was really nice. It will never happen again.
Wish you Happy & Prosperous New Year.

seana said...

We used to go out and see a musical on the big screen and then come back and eat these cracker treats my grandmother had taught us to make.

Happy New Year, Sucharita. And to all your faithful posters here as well.

Aleta said...

Happy New Year to you too! When I was younger, we would pop fire works in the street, but we didn't stay up late.

Sucharita Sarkar said...

Thanks for reliving your new year celebrations with us.